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100% pure lion's mane powder 50g

100% pure lion's mane powder 50g

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100% pure lion's mane (hericium erinaceus) grown and harvested by us, freshly slow-dried and milled to a fine powder, perfect for adding to many dishes (sweet or savoury) and hot beverages. the full spectrum of health benefits this mushroom can bring are still being researched. lion's mane is well-known as a neuro-regenerative and anti-inflammatory mushroom, able to promote neural and myelin-sheath tissue growth. anecdotally, those who consume it regularly report feeling clearer-minded. our product contains 100% fruiting body (no substrate, fillers, anti-caking agents or other - just pure mushroom). 

endangered and red-listed in the wild (do not pick!!!), we lovingly cultivate our lion’s mane mushrooms in a carefully-controlled environment on a natural wood and soy hull pellet substrate. as a result, our lion’s mane contains high levels of beta-glucans. it has a mild, earthy, delicate, almost toast-like flavour.

vegan. 50g glass jar. try and use within a month of opening, and keep the lid firmly on when not in use to avoid moisture absorption. use 1-2 teaspoons daily, however, as individuals your doctor can further advise you as to your personal RDA. it is recommended that after daily use for 4-5 weeks, a short break should follow.

we also sell fresh lion's mane, in the cooler months, shipped with express service only. it is absolutely delicious, if you were wondering! 

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