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black pearl oyster mushroom grow kit

black pearl oyster mushroom grow kit

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grow your own black pearl oyster mushrooms at home with our spray-and-grow kit, complete with a ready-colonised, commercial-sized fruiting block, grow box, spray bottle and full instructions to guide you through the simple growing process.

the black pearl is a cross between the king oyster and the grey oyster, and is beautifully nutty and earthy, providing the perfect umami hit when fried up with some butter, salt and pepper.  they have the bouncy, almost crunchy texture of the king oyster and the juicy, rich flavour of the grey oyster, plus some. definitely our favourite strain of mushroom right now.

you'll have your first beautiful big crop of delicious mushrooms within about 2 weeks of starting your kit.

all of the slow, sterile inoculation and incubation process has been done by us, so all that remains is to provide some fresh air, and to keep it moist by misting with water twice a day.

these grow kits make the perfect gifts for curious minds and food-loving friends & family, and each one is covered by our 'grow guarantee' that you will be able to grow at least one crop. 

they can yield up to four or five nice crops with minimal care, each one slightly smaller than the last as the energy in the 2.7kg block is used up. you can expect up to a kilo of mushrooms over the course of 8-10 weeks! black pearl oyster mushrooms are delicious in so many dishes, and can keep for over a week in the fridge if kept covered. 

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